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Straight Hair Wigs

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Types of wigs on the market

Straight Hair Wigs with different styles, you can easily show your most charming side on any occasion at any time. When you have fluffy hair, it naturally spreads. Occasionally from time to time, it looks like a fairy under the weeping willow. This is the confidence given by wigs. Whether you are buying a wig for the first time or a skilled user, you need to know some types of wigs.

According to the material

According to the material, the wig can be divided into two parts: chemical filament and real hair. The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, which has poor fidelity. But the wigs made by real people are treated. Made of pure human hair, it has a high fidelity. It is not easy to tie in daily life. People can be localized, dyed, permed, and easy to change hairstyles.

By head wearing area

According to the head wearing area, it is divided into wigs and wigs. The wig is a wig worn on the head. It is easy to wear, firm, and covers a large area. It is widely applicable. Wigs can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different can change the shape at will.

According to the production method

According to the manufacturing method, wigs can be woven by hand and hooked by hand. The woven hair is made by the machine. So authenticity is not ideal. The heavier and poorly ventilated tend to block the hair follicles. Hand hair is made by hand. But it is highly realistic and comfortable to wear.

How to wear a straight hair wig:

Step 1: First put the hair net around the neck so that all the hair is outside the hair net.

Step 2: Then pull the hair net to the top of the head, make sure that the edge of the hair net matches the position of the hairline, then pull up the other end of the hair net, tuck all the hair into the net, and hit it above the head A knot.

Step 3: Then talk about wigs from the back to the head, remember to wear the order to follow the order from front to back, stuff all the hair into the wig.

Step 4: Finally, adjust the position of the wig bangs and eyes, and organize the entire style, so that the wig will "fit" with your head back intact!

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