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Donmily Ombre Peruvian Body Wave 3 Bundles (#1B/4/27)
Donmily Ombre Peruvian Body Wave 3 Bundles (#1B/4/27)
Donmily Ombre Peruvian Body Wave 3 Bundles (#1B/4/27)
Discount Price: $120.12
save: $13.35
Total Price: $133.47
Donmily Peruvian Body Wave Hair 4 Bundles
Donmily Peruvian Body Wave Hair 4 Bundles
Donmily Peruvian Body Wave Hair 4 Bundles
Discount Price: $89.08
save: $9.90
Total Price: $98.98
Donmily Peruvian Body Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair
Donmily Peruvian Body Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair
Donmily Peruvian Body Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair
Discount Price: $66.81
save: $7.42
Total Price: $74.23

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The Peruvian hair body wave is one of the most searched products by the users. And if you are among those users, you have come to the right place. Here you will find each and every detail about the wig, making your decision of purchasing the wig an easy task.

Key Features of Donmily Body Wave Peruvian Hair

Trendiest Fashion: The Peruvian hair body wave is the latest, trendiest, and the ongoing fashionable style wig that will no doubt give the cute look you wish for.

Hair Features: The body wave Peruvian hair is pre-plucked, silky, straight, soft, and shiny texture. These features give very naturally looking straight hair look to you.

100% Natural Hair: The Peruvian hair body wave bundles are cut from young donors and hence give you very bouncy looking shiny hair which can be worn comfortably.

Dye Options: The Peruvian hair weave body wave can be dyed as per your requirement. In fact you can even iron the wig hair to just give a slight look change to it.

Hair Quality: The amazing wig not only give you an entirely new look but also provide you with medium luster, healthy, soft as well as thick ends. All this makes the Peruvian hair bundles body wave a better version of what other wigs are now.

How to Wash Peruvian Body Wave Hair

Here is a detailed guide on how to wash Peruvian body wave hair:

Step 1: You must brush your body wave to ensure it is tangle-free and free-flowing prior to you begin to wash your body wave hair.

Step 2: Apply cold water gradually and slowly to moisten the body wave weave. If you soak your hair into the water, it may lead to matting and can cause damage to the hair weft.

Step 3: Brush it with a broad comb to make sure it is tangle free while you start to wash it.

Step 4: Use best-quality shampoo to wash your wavy hair.

Step 5: Begin by washing your body wave hair weave from the top going all the way down and gently applying the shampoo into the strands.

Step 6: Use best-quality conditioner to add nutrition to your wavy hair and make it smooth.

Step 7: Wash away the buddle to the end from the top and cover it in a towel.

Step 8: Do not use blower to dry it. Instead air dry your body wave human hair.

How To Maintain Peruvian Body Wave Hair

Maintaining the Peruvian body wave hair is very important. While moisturizing the hair, there are certain things you must remember. There isn’t a particular moisturizing deep conditioner that you must use. So long as it is a good deep conditioner that simply works for you and bathes your tresses with moisture, you are good to go. It is essential to offer your hair with abundant moisture before using direct heat since the heat will cause some loss of moisture.

Use silicon spray or serum in your hair to keep it shiny, silky, and tangle free. But also remember that you only require a pea-sized quantity. If you are using a spray, spray it lightly after holding the bottle 20cm away from the hair. Excessive serum can build up on the hair, making it appear dull and tangled.

Also, brush your straight hair weave 2 times a day, beginning at the tips. While brushing, hold your hair in the middle. Slowly and gently brush out the tangles at the ends, running your way to your head’s top. Do not brush forcefully as this will lead the hair to shed. A wide-toothed comb or detangling brush might be helpful to brush out huge tangles.

How To Retrieve Peruvian Body Wave Hair

The Peruvian Body Wave Hair has a natural beachy wave, the same pattern that many users are trying to attain with styling products. Many users normally complain that the hair cannot keep curly or wavy after they wash it. As a matter of fact, almost all of the users have the same problem once in their life. It relies on how you take care of it. Well, you can always retrieve your Peruvian body wave.

You can always use the heating or curling iron to retrieve the curls or straights of the wig. In addition to this, you must also take good care of the wig. This information is provided above in how to maintain your Peruvian body wave hair. While using the heating wand, be sure to change the direction you wave your hair every time you take a new portion of hairs to curl.

That will lead to a more wavy, natural, and messy appearance. Once you are done with this, you are all set to for a night out with your friends. It seems effortless but will surely grab attention. If you find your waves seem very tight, do not be afraid to curl them a couple of hours before you aim to go out. This will let them to slightly loosen while your hairspray keeps them intact.

Having said this, the Peruvian body wave hair by Donmily is the best option for you. Hence, do not waste any time and hurry up.

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