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Straight Malaysian hair has been around for quite a while. But despite its great features, Malaysian hair has not received a lot of attention until recently. To begin with, Malaysian hair is softer than other types of hair, making it an ideal choice for straight hair that is often harder to detangle.

At Donmily, we stock a number of Malaysian hair straight weaves in different dimensions. In this article, we take a look at what the straight virgin Malaysian hair weave is and how to care for it.

What is the Malaysian Hair Bundles Straight Weave?

As the name suggests, the Malaysian hair bundles straight weave originates from Malaysia. This hair is often sleek in texture with a soft shiny luster. Even though it is straight, the hair can be styled in numerous ways and it is often capable of holding curls just as well. The bundles we have here are Donmily often come in a variety of colors that range from black to dark brown, although the weave can be dyed to meet the user’s needs.

Features of the Malaysian Hair Straight Weave

The following are some of the features you can expect with the Malaysian straight weave;

• The weave is made from 100% virgin hair. This means that it hasn’t undergone any chemical processing, making it safe to use.

• The cuticles on the weave are also running in the same direction. This means that the weave is easy to style and comb. This also makes it healthy enough to bleach, wash and style as you would like.

• The weave comes in a number of different dimensions from a short 8 inches to the longest 26 inches. Each package will come with at least 2-3 bundles depending on the dimension of the weave.

• The weave is also very durable and can last up to one year with proper care and maintenance.

How to Install the Straight Malaysian Hair Weave

The following are just some of the things to keep in mind when installing the weave;

• Avoid cutting the ends of the weave to prevent it from shedding.

• Don’t weave through the extensions. Doing this will make stitching unstable leading to shedding and eventual damage of the weave.

• Avoid washing the hair often, once a week is sufficient.

• You can curl the hair if you want, but the curls will only last for a day or two.

How to Care for your Malaysian Straight Weave

Straight Malaysian hair can last up to a year with proper care. The following are just some of the hair care tips to keep in mind:

• You can bleach and dye your weave to any color you want, but we recommend that you get a professional stylist to do it for you to prevent mishaps that can cause damage to the hair. You should also avoid strong bleaches.

• When washing the hair, you want to use a paddle brush to remove any tangles on the hair before washing. Also, use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

• Brush the hair in gentle strokes using a paddle brush.

• Put the hair in a satin cap before going to bed to avoid tangles and shedding.

The bundles of Malaysian straight hair we sell here at Donmily come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose a package based on the dimension and color you want and we always guarantee the quality of the weaves.

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