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Loose Wave

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Donmily Natural looking Loose Wave 13*6 Lace Front Wig 150% Density
Donmily Natural looking Loose Wave 13*6 Lace Front Wig 150% Density
Donmily Natural looking Loose Wave 13*6 Lace Front Wig 150% Density
Discount Price: $125.98
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Total Price: $139.98
Donmily Loose Wave Hair Wig Fashion Gray Color Synthetic Hair Wigs
Donmily Loose Wave Hair Wig Fashion Gray Color Synthetic Hair Wigs
Donmily Loose Wave Hair Wig Fashion Gray Color Synthetic Hair Wigs
Discount Price: $64.16
save: $7.13
Total Price: $71.29

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Most women don't want hair that is too straight or too curly. The middle ground, in this case, is a wave wig and a loose wave wig is one of the most common textures that most women choose. But there are different types of wave wigs such as the body wave and the loose wave. It can be impossible to tell the difference though, which is where this article comes in. In it, we are going to look at exactly what the loose wave wig is.

What is Loose Wave Human Hair Wig

The best way to describe a loose wave wig is that it has more waves and curls than a body wave wig. It is, therefore, the most ideal choice when you need to wear your hair curly, but with curls that are not too tight. The curly patterns on the loose wave wig are also tighter and smaller than most other wavy wigs, giving it the volume that most women seek when choosing wavy hair.

How to Maintain Loose Wave Wig

Hair of all texture requires care and maintenance to ensure that it maintains its shiny luster and volume. The curls on the loose wave weave require a little bit of maintenance to remain as meticulous as they are. The following are some of the things you can do to maintain your loose wave wig;

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It is very important to wash the wig on a regular basis. This is particularly important if the loose wave wig is made of virgin unprocessed hair. This is because washing the wig will maintain the nutrients in the wig to ensure the wig remains healthy. The wig will need to be washed and conditioned at least once a week and you should choose a conditioner that is hydrating. Doing this will prevent the hair from becoming too dry which can cause damage, tangling and breakage.

2. Reduce the Use of Heat

It is also important to avoid using heat to dry the loose wave wig. Blow drying and ironing the hair can damage the hair. Instead, consider allowing the wig to dry naturally and use alternative styling options such as flexi rods and other large curlers. Use the flexi rods soon after washing the hair and leave them overnight for the best results.

3. Cover Your Hair

When going to bed, cover the wig with a silk scarf. This is applicable both when you have curlers on or not. Covering your hair prevents the friction that can cause it to break or tangle.

How to Style Loose Wave Hair Wig

Depending on the length of the wig, there are a lot of different options for styling a loose wave wig. The following are some of the different styles you can try with the loose wave wig;

1. You can use a blow dryer and curling iron to create even more curls and waves on the wig. Begin with wet hair and use a blow dryer to dry the hair completely. Then simply separate the hair into two sections and curl each section with the curling iron, twirling the hair away from the face.

2. You can also choose to braid the loose wave wig. To do this, separate the hair into sections, take one section and separate into three sections before braiding it. Once the hair is dry, remove the braids to achieve even more defined curls.

3. Long loose wave hair makes for the perfect ponytail.

Loose Wave Wig Washing Tips

Like we mentioned before, you want to wash your loose wave wig at least once a wig. The following are some of the things to keep in mind when washing the wig;

Only use lukewarm water to wash the wig. Cold and hot water can easily cause tangles that may damage the hair.

Use a minimal amount of shampoo in the beginning and only apply shampoo to the wet wig. Do not rub the shampoo on to your scalp.

Use a comb to evenly distribute the shampoo throughout the hair and then gently rinse the wig with lukewarm water.

Apply conditioner to the damp hair while avoiding the scalp area and then rinse the conditioner out.

Loose wave wigs are some of the most popular types of wigs. To maintain the natural loose waves and volume that they are so famous for, it is important to adopt a maintenance routine. The above suggestions are meant to point you in the right direction, you can then choose to establish your own tailored approach.

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