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Peruvian hair loose wave can transform your complete look by adding length and volume to your hair. But just like your own hair, it needs some care. Here are some tips for caring your loose wave Peruvian hair.

How To Style Your Loose Wave Peruvian Hair

Do not cut the weave tracks of your Peruvian hair loose wave. Rather, keep each weave track complete and install by covering around your head. Cutting the tracks generates loose ends, which results in shedding. Do not weave through the tracks. Weaving through the tracks destabilizes the stitching, which can also result in shedding eventually. Rather, weave around the tracks.

Peruvian hair loose wave has a wavy texture. While you can straighten the wig, it is meant to be kept in its wavy form. Eventually the wavy style may become looser and closer to a natural look. If you need the hair to go back to its original form, just curl the hair with the help of a bendy rollers and/or curling iron.

How To Care For Peruvian Hair Loose Wave

Detangle: Use fingers to make your Peruvian hair loose wave tangle free, from ends to top, beginning at the roots of your Peruvian hair loose wave may lead to breakage, then use big tooth comb. Use the paddle brush to make hair smooth and style as desired.

Wash: Wash your Peruvian hair loose wave every other day with gentle conditioner and shampoo. Dip in your wig below cold water for few minutes and make sure it is wet thoroughly. Use a small amount of shampoo and smoothly rub it, then rinse out the shampoo and then use conditioner on your hair.

Hang: Pat your loose wave Peruvian hair dry and do not brush them when wet. Hang your hair to a well-ventilated region, and wait till it is dry. You can use broad tooth to style and brush your hair.

Do not use heat on your hair: You would better not use hair styling on your wig, such as curling or straightening. If you must use it, use a medium to low temperature and a heat protecting spray.

Use some natural oil: Apply some kind of natural oil, such as olive or coconut oil, to assist your hair be wavy, wet, shiny, and silky. Oil must also be applied to any sections of your hair that are left out, particularly at the nape, crown, and hairline.

Sleeping: While sleeping, wrap your hair with silk scarf to keep it from tangling and frizzy while you sleep, and assist your hair wig keep its original state.

In a nutshell, you just had a look at how to style your loose wave Peruvian hair and how to care for Peruvian hair loose wave. You saw different measures to protect your hair and maintain a good life of your wig.

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