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One of the many types of hair that you can purchase is the curly Indian hair. Indian hair has properties that make it popular among African American women. It is curly, soft and holds its luster for longer than most types of hair. Let's take a look at some of the features you can expect from virgin curly Indian hair and how to care for it.

What is Curly Virgin Indian Hair

The curly Indian hair bundles that we sell here at Donmily are very high quality and very durable. One of the key advantages of curly hairstyles Indian hair is that they are often sourced from young donors in India. And since, Indian women don’t use chemical shampoos or hair dryers on their hair; Indian hair tends to be healthier than most other types of hair.

Features of curly Indian Hair

The following are some of the features that you can expect to find with curly Indian hair:

Very Soft Hair Texture - curly Indian hair weaves have the characteristics that are found in natural Indian hair. They are very soft and silky. As a result, they are often very easy to comb and style as desired. They also don’t tangle or shed easily, making it very easy to manage and maintain the weave for months.

100% Natural- It is natural hair that is not chemically processed. As a result, it is safe and you shouldn’t suffer any side effects from this weave. It also looks natural, allowing you to get that authentically natural look you’ve been craving and looking for.

High Quality- It is 100% virgin human hair that is made to look and feel just like human hair. It is also easy to maintain; with only a few hair products, you can expect the virgin Indian loose wave hair to serve you for quite a long time; in some cases up to a year.

Very Healthy- Every curly Indian weave that we have in our collection has all the characteristics of Indian hair. Like we mentioned before, Indian women don’t often use chemicals on their hair or even dye their hair. As a result Indian hair tends to be healthier and lustrous.

How to Care for Virgin Curly Indian Hair

The following are some of the things you can do to care for your hair. The following are some of the tips you can take to care for your Indian curly weave:

• When washing the hair, always begin by completely drying your hair before attempting to define the curls further. We recommend that you try as much as possible to air dry your hair rather than use heat.

• If you must use heat to dry the hair, consider using a thermal protector to prevent damaging the hair. If you will be using a blow dryer, consider using the moderate setting.

• Avoid combing the weave, but if you must, use a fine tooth comb.

• Use gentle shampoo and conditioners when washing the weave to prevent damage.

• When going to sleep, consider putting the hair in a single braid and then wearing a satin cap. This will keep the hair from shedding which can significantly reduce the volume of the hair.

Indian hair is the most ideal choice for you when you want healthy, shiny hair with a great texture. You can choose your ideal weave from our huge collection of curly Indian hair.

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