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Deep Wave

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Donmily 4 Bundles Brazilian Deep Wave Hair
Donmily 4 Bundles Brazilian Deep Wave Hair
Donmily 4 Bundles Brazilian Deep Wave Hair
Discount Price: $89.08
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Total Price: $98.98
Brazilian Deep Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair
Brazilian Deep Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair
Brazilian Deep Wave 3 Bundles Human Hair
Discount Price: $66.81
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Total Price: $74.23

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There are so many different types of hair weaves that new buyers tend to be overwhelmed by the choices in the market. Most people however consider the texture of the weave above any other considerations when purchasing a weave and recently the deep wave texture had gained popularity.

Deep wave Brazilian hair tends to look classier than the tightly packed curls of the curly texture and the bland straight weave. Therefore it is one of the go-to styles for those special occasions when you want to feel elegant and stylish. Let's learn more about the Brazilian hair deep wave.

Key Features of Deep Wave Brazilian Hair Weave

When you purchase the Brazilian hair bundles deep wave weave from us, the following are just some of the key features you can expect.

1. Reasonable bundle size: Each bundle that you find in our collection weights about 100g. Depending on the dimension of the weave that you want to purchase, you may need 3 or 4 bundles to fill your head. For example, if you choose a shorter weave between 8 and 16 inches, 3 bundles are often sufficient. Longer dimensions require up to 4 bundles for full coverage.

2. High Quality: We sell virgin Brazilian deep wave weaves at Donmily. This means that each of the bundles is of very high quality and has not been subjected to any chemical processing. The result is a high quality hair that maintains the original style very easily.

3. Can be Styled as Desired: Because the weave is made from 100% natural human hair, you can treat it as you would human hair. This means that you can wash, bleach, dye and style the weave as toy desire without worrying about damage to the hair. But we advise against straightening deep wave textures since they tend to lose their volume when straightened.

How to Install and Style the Brazilian Deep Wave Hair

To install the weave, you need approximately 3 bundles although 4 may be sufficient if you want a longer length. The following are some installation tips to help install a Brazilian deep wave weave properly.

Avoid cutting the weave tracks. Keep each track whole and install the weave by wrapping it around your head. Cutting the tracks has been known to create loose ends that can lead to shedding.

It is also advisable to avoid weaving through the tracks. The best way to do it is to weave around the tracks. Weaving through them can destabilize the stitching which can cause shedding and damage over time.

Deep wave weaves are perhaps the easiest to style. For instance, you can easily curl the deep wave hair with any curling iron when the waves get to loose. You may also need to re-define the curls soon after washing although we recommend giving the weave time to dry before curling it. It is however not a good idea to straighten the weave as this may cause the hair to frizz and become brittle.

Unlike weaves with defined curls, deep wave weaves are often the best choice for women who want to look good but don’t have too much time to spend maintaining the weave. Their curls are often easier to maintain and they are more durable than straight weaves that can shed and break more easily.

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